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The editing team consists primarily of two members at present. Michael Krapp, who works as a language instructor in ELEC, is responsible for manuscript editing and assisting student writers. Hana Choe is our office staff. She manages appointments, requests and accounts in Location: Our building is located on Hallym University's main campus in the International House (IH) between the dormitories and the student center. Currently, written work can be submitted directly to Ms. Choe in Room 14110-6.

E-mail: Write to us at writingcenter@hallym.ac.kr; additionally, you can  leave a memo with Ms. Choe, and we will be in touch directly.
 when you send your document, please download this application form and send to us.

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Fax : Fax us at 82-33-252-8232
Phone : 82-33-248-2972