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- Alcohol is not permitted in the dormitory.

-  Students may only smoke in the designated smoking room on the 3rd floor.

-  From Monday until Thursday, curfew and bed check are at 24:00. And if you sleep over you must fill in the form in front of office before 23:00. You may only use for 15times per semester.

-  From Friday until Sunday (and all public holidays) curfew and bed check are at 24:30.

-  Visitors are not allowed in HID without the permission of an HID supervisor.

-  Certain areas of HID are off-limits.

 a. Students cannot move beyond the glass doors on any floor but their own.

 b. Female students and male student may not be in each other’s rooms.

 c. Students may use the appropriate seminar room at the scheduled time. 

     To use a seminar room at any other time, students need the permission of an HID supervisor.

 d. The singing room is off-limits without the permission of an HID supervisor.






The following demerit point system applies to all students living in HID.


15 demerits

- being in an area of the dormitory deemed off-limits

- leaving the dormitory after curfew

- bringing alcohol into, or consuming alcohol in the dormitory

- allowing visitors to sleep in the dormitory

- stealing

- smoking in HID

- substituting for another student at bed check (in which case both students will be penalized 15 demerits)

-Braking dormitory facilities


10 demerits

- bringing visitors into the dormitory without the permission of the supervisor

- use of electric blankets, burners, stoves, televisions, water boilers and large electric devices which may pose a fire hazard (ask your supervisor for details)

- Failure to be in the dormitory at curfew / bed check without permission from an HID supervisor


8 demerits

- excessive noise (discretion of supervisor)

- arriving at the dormitory 30 minutes after curfew


5 demerits

- Students switching rooms without permission

- moving dormitory facilities from their location

- ordering food for deliver after curfew

- arriving at the dormitory within 30 minutes after curfew


2 demerits

- using facilities after hours

- Use of HID computers for inappropriate purposes

- use of the master key three times (four times = 4 demerits, 5 times = 6 demerits, etc.)


Discretionary penalties

At the discretion of supervisors and with the approval of the head supervisor and HID director, students may be penalized for behaviour deemed inappropriate or inconsistent with the aims and objectives of HID.  Before any discretionary penalty is final, students will be asked to meet with the director and the head supervisor.




Disciplinary procedure

- Students penalized 15 demerit points will be immediately expelled from HID and cannot apply for 3 semesters according to university policy.

- Students with 10 demerit points will not be permitted to enter HID or the Hallym dormitory for the following two semesters.

- Students with 5 demerit points will not be permitted to enter HID or the Hallym dormitory for the following (1) semester.




Expulsion – 15 demerits

- Students penalized 15 demerits are required to meet with the director of HID.  At that time, their situation will be reviewed.  Upon review, that student may be expelled from HID.

- Students who have been expelled from the dormitory must leave HID within 24 hours of their “Notice of expulsion.”

- Students who have been expelled will receive no refund of dormitory fees.

- Students who have been expelled will be allowed to drop their IHT course if the final drop date has not passed.  If that date has passed, those students will receive a failing (No-pass) grade.




Revision of rules

These rules will be revised annually (February) by the dormitory advisory committee and the head supervisor.