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HID was established in the fall semester of 2004 and is a place where Hallym University students who are serious about improving their language skills can conduct their own language practice, and experience living in a second language.  In HID,  Hallym students have the opportunity to practice their second language intensively through the course of a semester by using their language in daily life.  Students in HID live alongside visiting exchange students and so, have the opportunity to interact with them, help them adjust to life in Korea and  improve their own intercultural awareness. Currently, there are students practicing four different languages in HID: English, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.  HID is equipped with a variety of resources to help improve students language skills including, satellite television in each of the four languages, a variety of publications, language specific computer resources, and a singing room with a variety of songs in Chinese, Japanese, and English. 

Through the semester, HID students participate in a variety of special events designed to encourage language use outside the classroom.  The dorm-room decoration contest, sports day, the HID singing contest, and Language and Cultural Nights give students the opportunity to use their second language and to explore some of the culture or cultures associated with their language. It also gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills to the Hallym community.

Faculty & Staff

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Thomas Baek (Director) seungwun@hotmail.com +82-33-248-3669
JeongHwan Yoon ( Coordinator )  de3660@hallym.ac.kr   +82-33-248-2974


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