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International Hall

The building was completed in August 2004. In this 6-story building, many language classes are held and cultural events are organized. The main office is located on the 1st floor and there are other EFL related offices including HID (Hallym International Dormitory), and KLEC (Korean Language Education Center).

Global Lounge

Located on the 1st floor,
This is newly-made, high quality place in the intenational building.
Students can meet and form relationships with foreign students from a number of diffrent counries there.

Students can watch world TV programs and use wireless headsets there. They can also improve their language skills. Mother language is prohibited.

Projector Room
Located on the 1st floor
Seats 83 people
Is equipped with: audio-visual equipment, DVD player, and satellite reception

Multimedia Laboratory

Located on the 3rd floor
This computer lab is available to our freshman students and is equipped with a variety of up-to-date software. As part of the Freshmen English course program, each student has access to their own computer throughout the semester.
   Lab Room
Lab Names Numbers of PCs per room
Lab  (14309) 36
Server Room 1 Server Computer
* Lab hours of operation: 9:00~18:00